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Thank you for your interest in Donating to the Swim for Change Project! We could not do this mission without contributions from generous people like you! We are hoping to raise money to aid in the cost of our 2023 mission to Costa Rica. Your contribution will be going toward the facility, food for the children,gifts for the children, lodging for the volunteers, transportation, and fundraising.

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Donate a Swim Package

For just $15 you can be a huge part in making a difference through the Swim for Change Project. Your donation will provide a swim suit, goggles, and swim cap to a orphaned child in Costa Rica. 


With the support of generous donors, partners and volunteers, Swim For Change aims to create a mission to help underprivileged and abused children learn to not only swim, but find confidence in themselves, and trust in others.  We cannot do this mission alone. It is through the support of donors like you who will make this mission possible. We are aiming to teach 50 children this year in La Fortuna Costa Rica. We intend on not only teaching swim, but also feeding, and gifting each child with swim suits, goggles, swim caps, bibles, and arts and craft supplies. If you would like to be apart of helping these children on a grander scale please consider becoming a donor for Swim For Change. 

Cost Break Down for 2023 Mission:

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Blue Water

Christmas In July

With the help of the Reno Community we were able to raise over $7,775 for Swim for Change! Thank you to everyone involved in making the Christmas in July fundraiser such a success!

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