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Due to unprecedented demand the waitlist has been closed effective 03.21.2023. We will open the list again when we have more class options. Thank you.

Swim Lesson Waitlist

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We will be offering a waitlist for swim lessons to people in the NH Sea Coast area. 10% of proceeds will go toward the Swim for Change Project. Please submit a request to join the waitlist if interested. We will be offering semi private lessons for children 6 months old and up. In the message box please add your phone number, and your child's date of birth. A team member will be reaching out shortly.

Thank you for your interest in supporting SFC.

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Thanks for submitting!

Lesson Information

Lessons are $110 per month with a one time registration fee of $35 to cover insurances and policies. This includes one semi-private lesson (1:3 ratio for children 3 and up and 1:4 ratio for our baby group)

per week. Our teaching is based off of American Swim School Association techniques. We will work toward creating confident and happy swimmers. We have a strong focus on water safety and helping your child reach their highest potential in the pool.

Classes and Availability

Baby Level

Age 6 months- 2.10 years old

In our baby class we will be focusing on comfortability in the water.  We will work on breath control, safety techniques, back floats, and fun! A responsible adult is required to be in the water at all times. Children in this level will be required to wear a reusable swim diaper at all times in the pool.

Three Years

Beginner - Advanced classes

Four and Five Years

Beginner - Advanced classes

We will start all our students in a beginner level class, we will work on comfortability in the water and with the teacher and then work toward more independent skills as the child progresses. This level will not require a responsible adult in the water. We will focus on breath control, safety skills, back floating, back kicking, breath skills, and kicking skills.

We will be focusing on comfortability and independence in this level. Like the younger children we will also start at a beginner level that focuses on comfort in the water. We will focus on more advanced skills as the child progresses such as big arms, back kick, breathing skills, and safety skills.

Six Years and up

Beginner - Advanced Classes

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