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Our Past Missions



Our first mission took place in La Antigua Guatemala. We were able to teach 50 victims of sexual abuse how to swim over the course of a week. In addition to swim lessons we also fed, and gifted the children with swim essentials and bibles

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In 2022 we were able to return to Guatemala and expand our mission to teach 100 victims of abuse and underprivileged children. Throughout the week over 1/2 of the children learned to swim across an Olympic sized swimming pool

We fed, as well as gifted the children with swim essentials, books, and clothes

Costa Rica


In 2023 we expanded our mission to La Fortuna Costa Rica. We partnered with the organization Think Kindness, and together we were able to bring swim lessons to 50 orphaned and underprivileged children.

We were able to gift the children with swim essentials and books

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