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Why Swim for Change Makes a Difference

Water has always had healing properties. From physical to mental ailments, water has a way of washing away pain, and making people stronger. Many of the women and children we're teaching have had little to no exposure to the water. They are told to stay away because it is dangerous, thus missing out on the amazing powers that swimming and water can bring. Swim for Change is serving people who need healing the most. Our trained volunteers are not only teaching them life saving skills, they are showing them safe touch through swim manipulations, how to trust a new people, and how to find confidence in themselves when they see what they can accomplish with a little bit of hard work, and someone to believe in them. 

Statistics on crime in Guatemala

Despite the beauty of Guatemala, there is a hidden plague of sexual violence against children. In some neighborhoods, 1 in 4 adolescent girls is a victim of sexual violence. Sexual violence against women was widely used as a war strategy during Guatemala's internal armed conflict.  Although the conflict ended in 1996, violence against women continues to plague the country. Violence against women has consistently increased since the end of the long-running conflict. Guatemala is classified as the most dangerous place for women in all of Latin America.

Statistics have shown that the crime rate in Guatemala is 51% higher than in the United States. Guatemala falls into the top 7 most dangerous countries in the world. Researchers have commented that no woman is safe because the violence is widespread, cutting across class, age, and ethnicity.


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How to Help

Swim for Change is a non profit organization. We rely on the generosity of donors like you to be able to help and serve the women and children in Guatemala. Please consider becoming a funder for this mission, and help us impact the lives of 100's of individuals who deserve to experience the healing powers of God and swim.

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